‘Bliss’ Has A Great Cast


Looking for the next big Sky show? Bliss might be just that, with a great cast and some pretty funny talent behind the cameras. The six part series was greenlit by the network and came attached with Heather Graham and Stephen Mangan. The series was written, directed and is also expected to guest star David Cross.

Cross has been a big player in comedy for a while now, with Mr. Show with Bob and David being one of the key Emmy nominated programs in HBO’s comedy lineup. He is also known for his work on The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret and The Ben Stiller Show. With all of those projects on his resume, having him as the main force behind this new comedy already makes it a real winner.

Bliss is about the double life of Andrew, a family man that is ordinary and has the stereotypical wife and child. Nothing stands out about his life, and he is textbook right down to his travel writer job. One day a supernatural event puts him in contact with a brand new family, with a completely different lifestyle. Now Andrew has to balance life between these two very different families, keeping the secret that no one would believe.

There are some really good things going on with the writing of the series, and they will continue to add to the cast. The news around the series is pretty low key, although reports have popped up here and there. Sky should get the word out if they can, as their many viewers will be thrilled to have something new to record. A premiere date hasn’t been set, so keep in touch for the update.

What do you think of the premise? Will it be enough to win over viewers of other time traveling shows?

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