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‘Blankety Blank’ Returning To TV


Game show revivals are heating up all over the world, and in the US Sunday has been reserved for the game show madness. Using a front of either a celebrity host or celebrity guests, competitors take a simple premise and makes it into something special for a worldwide audience. These new wave of game shows is not about winning, but entertaining the audience as much as possible.

Blankety Blank was ahead of its time when it came out in 1979. There was really nothing original about the format, but it knew what it was. It combined celebrity guests with outright cheap prizes that made the format even funnier when aired. The outtakes were brilliant, and there was always something happening that made a viewer laugh out loud. This and the original comedy is what made the show such a cult hit, and it lasted from 1979 to 2002.

With ITV recommissioning the series, fans are already wondering who they will pick as the host. They have had a run of brilliant hosts starting with Terry Wogan from 1979-1983, Les Dawson from 1984-1990, and Paul O’Grady in drag as Lily Savage from 1997-1999. The O’Grady version was the first revival and did quite well, as the comedian in drag was a stunner long before RuPaul put on a wig. With yet another revival coming 14 years after its last air date, picking the host is considered the most important task.

There is a US version of the show called Match Game, and it is also making its own comeback with Alec Baldwin hosting. There is no telling when this game show craze is going to end, so for the time being this is going to make for some entertaining television!

What’s your favorite game show on TV? Do you prefer the US or the UK version of Blankety Blank?


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