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‘Black Mirror’ Gets A Surprise Director


Black Mirror has always been a series that is about surprises on all levels. Now they are going off camera with their surprises by letting Jodie Foster direct an upcoming episode. She will specifically handle a season four episode starring Rosemarie DeWitt, and it’s going to be fantastic! Viewers can expect the finished episode to air sometime in 2017 since production already started this year.

Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones are the current showrunners/executive producers that have been handling most of the heavy work. Netflix was quick to order 12 episodes to be split into two six episode seasons, and the format worked exactly like they expected. Black Mirror has a very dark tone to it, with many referring to it as the updated version of The Twilight Zone. As an anthology series it isn’t so much the horror that gets people with Black Mirror, but the social commentary. It’s no wonder it was such a big hit in The UK on Channel 4 before it was scooped up by Netflix for worldwide audiences. The language in Black Mirror is one that everyone speaks, and that would be curiosity.

This won’t be the first time Foster has stepped behind the camera, as the award winning actress has been very active on both sides of the camera. Her name will no doubt bring in a lot of fans, with a good portion hoping that this also leads to a guest starring role sometime down the line. It certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea since she is such a decorated actress. But for now fans will have to live with their favorite actress on the creative rather than the starring side. Will this end up being the best episode of the season?

What do you think of Jodie Foster as a director? Will she end up guest starring in a future series?

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