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The fate of Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations Season 5 remains up in the air

Release Date of #BFDD S5: To be announced

Less Disgusting, More Destination!

Host Andrew Zimmern makes sure viewers know all about the world’s iconic edibles and the places that make them. On Bizarre Foods, no fare is too rare, as Andrew eats his way through dishes that might make some people squeamish and queasy. While there seems to be an aim of shock and awe at his plated meals, there is also plenty of history and cultural lessons about the places he visits and the people he dines with.

Andrew always manages to eat what most would consider disgusting and bizarre. He chows on his fair share of animal private-parts, innards, and organs, prepared in traditional manners with delicious spices and sides; no part of the animal is spared from his jaws. Insects are also not safe, as he eats his way through tarantulas, grubs, and of course, crickets. Amphibians and reptiles, both raw and cooked, have found their way into his mouth at various locations, some even made his tongue numb.

This specific spin-off of Delicious Destinations is not the same as the original though; there is much less bizarre and much more destination. This one is more about the typical food found in cities around the world, not so much the odd stuff anymore. These must-eats are the foods that every traveler should try before leaving. When in Philadelphia, do as the locals do; eat a Philly Cheesesteak!

Season 4 will feature such delicious destinations in the US as Nashville, San Diego, Detroit, and Pittsburgh; as well as international spots like Copenhagen, Rome, Vancouver, Seoul, and Bali. When your dinner starts to look blah and bland, you can give your tastebuds something to hope for by checking out savory signature dishes in new places every week.

Reviews Are Harsh.

IMDb voters rank the show at 6.9 out of 10, with almost 70 votes cast. That’s really low for a travel show, with good reason though; viewers have commented about this show being nothing but a collection of clips with Andrew standing in front of a green screen talking about the foods showcased, but not actually going there or eating them. People who were fans of the original Bizarre Foods can hardly stand to watch this series¬† as it seems phony with extremely low production value.

Viewership and Ratings Going Up!

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Season 4 of Delicious Destinations premiered on October 4, 2016, airing the usual two back-to-back 30-minute episodes. The first episode earned a demo rating of 0.12 with 0.46 million viewers, and the second episode had a demo rating of 0.14 with 0.54 million viewers watching.

The following week saw an increase in ratings for the pair of episodes, with both achieving demo ratings of 0.17 with 0.47 million viewers watching the first episode and 0.56 million watching the second.

Will There Be a Fifth Season?

With the original Bizarre Foods being such a huge hit, this side-spin has been holding viewers’ attentions despite the absence of Andrew actually traveling to new places. As long as the ratings and viewership stay steady, there will likely be a season 5 for this show. However, Travel Channel has not made any official announcements about the future of this show yet.

Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations airs on Tuesday nights at 9pm ET on the Travel Channel.

Do you enjoy the format of Delicious Destinations? Have you traveled to any of the places featured on this show, or the original Bizarre Foods, and tried

the food Andrew introduces on the show? Where do you want this show to take you next season?

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