‘Big Hero 6’ Is Getting A Television Adaption


Usually an adaptation of a movie to a television series would be met with a groan, as it would just fall in line with the other millions of remakes. But Big Hero 6 is a little different, as the movie was structured in a way where the series makes perfect sense.

Big Hero 6 was a 2014 movie that sort of flew under the radar (if you compare it to other 3d animated movies) but had a lot of heart. It’s about a Jiro Hamada and his inflatable robot Baymax that forms a ragtag band of heroes with his friends. With their combined power they work together to save the world. It was a very simple movie with some really good messages in it.

Now Disney XD is turning it into an animated series, and not some cheap knock off either. A lot of the original voice actors from the movie will be reprising their roles for the series. That includes Maya Rudolph, Scott Adsit, Jamie Chung, Alan Tudyk, Ryan Potter, Genesis Rodriguez and David Shaughnessy. And amazingly, they even got Stan Lee to come back as Fred’s dad! When it makes it to the screen, this will be the most talented voice cast on a Disney animated show. And with it will also be continuation, since the series will start right where the film left off.

Big Hero 6 was the biggest animated film of the year but still didn’t gain Frozen-like appeal. It was also an Oscar winner for Best Animated Film- so why doesn’t it get the respect of other Disney epics? The animated series will prove that Big Hero 6 was a great movie, with a colorful cast of characters that was hard to forget.

What did you think of the movie? Will it turn into a huge success as an animated series?

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