‘Big Fan’ Gets A Debut Date


Remember when Katy Perry lost to her biggest fan in a game show? It was both funny and embarrassing since the questions were about Perry! ABC has caught on with the show thanks to this bit going viral, and now Jimmy Kimmel’s late night skit is becoming a full blow game show that will premiere on January 9th. They are in a good block and will premiere after The Bachelor, making this a series that many will want to watch. Big Fan will premiere with two back to back half hour episodes starring Matthew McConaughey in the first episode and Aaron Rodgers (with Alex Trebek) in the second.

But the episode that will really get the ratings will happen on the 16th with Kim Kardashian West in the first episode. Sure, Kristen Bell is in the second episode on the 16th– but Kardashian West in a television appearance after all the current drama? That is must watch television. With the change to a television show comes a new host, as Kimmel will be replaced by Andy Richter. The long time Conan co-host is a perfect pick, and has been long overdue for another thrilling project. As long as he remains on Conan then there will be no complaints from the fans!

Big Fan puts celebrities against fans in a traditional game show format. The questions are general knowledge about the celebrity in question, with the fan getting an unforgettable experience with their favorite celebrity if they win. Winning isn’t as hard as most people think, since these super fans are next level when it comes to their knowledge of their favorite celebrity. If you thought carpool karaoke was a viral hit, wait until you see what happens with Big Fan.

Which celebrity do you know the most about? What has been your favorite Big Fan moment?

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