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No decision has been made as to when production of Between Season 3 will resume

Release Date of #Between S3: To be announced

Netflix brings you another Young Adult apocalypse with Between. It’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the chaos. Pairing with Canada’s City TV, the streaming service debuted the science fiction television series in 2015. The show has a high concept involving a strange plague that kills everyone over the age of 21. Set in the small town of Pretty Lake, the story follows a pregnant teenager ( iCarly’s Jennette McCurdy) as she struggles to survive the mysterious disease and those that exploit the situation for power.

With all of the ‘adults’ dead and a thing of the past, the structure of society crumbles. There are no more police, doctors, or government in Pretty Lake. The outside world quarantines the small town as the survivors inside try to fill those gaps left in positions of power. They are left to fend for themselves. This outlandish ‘What If?’ scenario allows #Between to provide some social commentary and explore thematic material.

A new hierarchy in town reflects the way high school is ruled, perhaps begging the question about modern society. Anarchy rules Pretty Lake, with teens drinking and joyriding cars. There are no rules any more. Too bad the series doesn’t sink its teeth into the themes and embellish the drama a bit more. There are some intriguing psychological sequences, such as burning the corpses of the adult, but the situations aren’t fully explored.

The sci-fi mystery series is like a blend of several movies like Logan’s Run, Children Of Men, and Lord Of The Flies. The best of entertainment often blends several influences, infuses it with a new flavor, and executes a compelling vision that feels refreshing. Unfortunately, the critics haven’t been so kind to this strange brew concoction. @Between has a less than stellar 5.9 rating on IMDB and a “Rotten” ranking of 22% on Rotten Tomatoes.

However, not every viewer needs to be blown away with original content. A lot of the audience tunes into sci-fi shows like #Between to turn off their brain, be entertained, and enjoy something familiar. The show delivers on the action and thrills, helmed by veteran television director Jon Cassar (24). To blow off some steam, some people would rather not get involved in complex storylines and interpretive character pieces. Some folks just want to dig into some popcorn at the end of the workday.

For those that enjoy themselves with @Between, the story continues online. Between The Lines was a web series that served as a prequel to Season One. Its story follows what happened before the outbreak unleashed its horrors on the small town of Pretty Lake and things got ‘ugly’. Each week, this spin-off series explored a different character. Season Two was a video diary kept by two important characters. There’s also a live online after-show called Inside Between that talks about each episode in a similar way to The Walking Dead’s Talking Dead.

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As part of the collaboration between Canada’s City TV and Netflix, the online service releases each episode on a week-by-week basis rather than their usual one season all at once approach. This makes this Canadian version of the Young Adult apocalypse available to the international market. Netflix is fantastic about sharing the world’s entertainment to the world. While Between might not break any new barriers, it gives die-hard fans of the sub-genre another series to watch.

Furthermore, with Netflix on board, the sci-fi action show should get renewed for another season. Fingers crossed, viewers won’t be left with that cliffhanger. Also boding well for fans is the television reception. Season One raked in 3.2 million  viewers in Canada, performing well in the much sought after 18-34 demographic with 31% of the audience, well above the channel’s 19% average.

The end of the world scenario and complex conspiracy theories combine with soap opera drama to deliver an entertaining series. With more tension and better performances from supporting actors, Between may have fared better with critics. The dystopian series has a solid Under The

Dome-vibing  premise with a lot of thrills. There hasn’t been a lot of hype but don’t let that stop you, especially if you’re a fan of the genre.

What do you think of Between? Who is your favorite character? What is the best apocalypse on television? How would you survive this kind of end of the world scenario?

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5 months 25 days ago

There needs to be a season 3 the between was too good!!! Please don’t leave everyone else in pretty lake there to die.. the virus can’t get into the world there has to be something adam and wiley can do-_-

19 days 20 hours ago

Between is an awesome show!! Need a season three soon!!