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‘Better Late Than Never’ Gets Second Season Renewal


Better Late Than Never was a surprising semi-reality show that took the network by storm. Debuting after the Olympics, it became the top new show on any broadcast network. This was a big deal considering it was sitting on the shelf with no release date. But it seems that NBC knew exactly what it was doing and released it at the perfect time.

The show is about a bunch of older stars globetrotting around the world, enjoying life to the fullest. It is basically The Bucketlist without death and with three extra stars. In the first season the cast traveled throughout Asia for their adventure, and with this renewal they’ll all return but in a different location. So who are the big time stars that made the series so popular?

Henry Winkler, William Shatner, George Foreman and Terry Bradshaw. Their guide through the series has been the funny Jeff Dye who fits in with this odd group great, and will also be returning with them for the second series. Better Late Than Never is based off of the South Korean show Grandpas Over Flowers, which has spawned a number of spinoffs and remakes.

The original international hit starred Lee Soon-jae, Park Geun-hyung, Shin Goo and Baek-Seob with presenter Lee Seo-jin. Once the series took off, the spinoff Sisters Over Flowers was introduced in 2013, and featured famous middle-aged actresses. With the way the American remake is gaining steam, there is a good chance that NBC will consider a similar spinoff with female leads. Better Late Than Never is one of the more original celebrity ensembles on American television, and NBC is lucky enough to have landed it. Yet with all of the remakes/spinoffs, don’t be surprised if another network makes their own version!

What celebrity group would you like to see in future seasons? Is this the best concept on NBC right now?

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