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Destination America has yet to officially confirm the fate of BBQ Pitmasters Season 8

Release Date of #BBQPitmasters S8: To be announced

If BBQs are your thing and being known as the Master of BBQ is your dream, then BBQ Pitmasters is the show to watch. Premiering on the TLC network on 3rd December 2009, this American reality TV series follows barbecue cooks as they compete against one another to win a grand prize in various barbecue competitions.

What is the format of the show? 

The format of the show was so successful that other shows followed the basic layout. Season 1 followed a docu-reality format where different BBQ teams competed against each other in various BBQ contests all over the country. In comparison to this, Season 2 took a different approach with a whole new competition game show based format where four teams competed against each other for the top prize of $100,000 in cash as well as the Kingsford Cup. Each week saw different competitions where the contestants were given various challenges which included cooking with exotic meats and common protein.

When did the show premiere? 

The show premiered on 3rd December 2009 with the second season following the next year on 12th August 2010. Filming for the third season began in March 2012 with the third season airing on Destination America, the new rebranded version of the Planet Green Channel.

Destination America debuted with their own to series named BBQ Pit Wars on 31st May 2014 which followed the basic premise of the show #BBQP. This show used the format of BBQP Season 1 as many viewers had preferred the earlier format where Myron Mixon participated as one of the team competitors instead of as a judge in the later seasons.

Season 4 had a change in format with individual regional BBQ competitions taking place. Each episode of Season 4 saw a winner comprised of local teams being crowned as the regional champion of that particular state with a cash prize of $2000. This Season saw no overall champion, with the finale resulting in a cook-off between Myron Mixon and his son Michael.

Where have the teams travelled to for the show?

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The BBQ teams travelled to Mesquite, Nevada to compete in the Mesquite BBQ Competition, the Murphysboro Barbecue cook-Off at Murphysboro, Illinois, the Decatur Riverfest at Decatur, Alabama, American Royal Invitationals in Kansas City, Missouri, the American Royal Open in Kansas City, the Diamond State BBQ Championship at Dover, Delaware and the Big Pig Jig held at Vienna, Georgia. They faced some stiff competition from amateurs and professionals alike in these cook-offs.

Who were the judges of the Seasons? 

Myron Mixon who also was a participant and competitor in Season 1 returned as a judge on the Second season. He is also the owner of Jack’s Old South. Art Smith, author of the book Back to the Table and Kitchen Life and celebrity chef was the second judge of the season with Warren Sapp, barbecue enthusiast as well as Super Bowl Champion serving as the third judge.

The third season saw a slight change in the judges with Tuffy Stone and Aaron Franklin (owner and pitmaster of Franklin Barbecue) replacing Art Smith and Warren Sapp of the second season. Myron Mixon carried on from the second season to the third.

Season 4 and 5 saw Myron and Tuffy remain with the third judge changing with every episode. Season 6 had Myron and Tuffy with Moe Cason as the third judge with the entire season being shot in one location in Florida.

How was this show received?

It received an 8.3/10 rating

on and 6.3/10 on IMDb. With popular viewership, the show continued for seven seasons until 2015. Although there has been no official release of any information regarding an eight season, it seems that such a successful show won’t give up and we may keep our eyes tuned in for the next season of #BBQPitmasters on Destination America. As a fan of the show said, “This is a show for food and BBQ fans alike.”

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4 months 20 days ago

Can we grill here ? I love watching Pit Masters and was hoping to attend a competition this summer, however I can not find the schedule. I hope Pit Maters gets renewal. I love Byron, Moe, Stump and Mike. Y’all are crazy about your grilling and I want to taste some of y’all finger sucking and licking BBQ. Slow and low is how it is done. Thank you for the 7 years of pure enjoyable t.v.
Your Fan,
Miss Rette

Leonard Patterson
Leonard Patterson
1 month 20 days ago

really love the show, I have watched 90% of the hows, I have picked up and learned a lot from watching the shows, I watch them over and over, I always pick up a few new things, wish you had season 7 , it’s on different network,, really hope we get season 8, want to pick up more tips and watch shows , wife does not bother me when i am watching this show, cause she knows i will try them out, she loves it when i am smoking something, she always calls some of the older kids over , never got a bad review from them,,,got to go “PLEASE GIVE US A SEASON 8” thank you
Leonard, USN RET