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Bath Crashers Season 13? The network has not made a decision yet

Release Date of #BathCrashers S13: To be announced

At the end of season 12 on Bath Crashers, we saw the team take a small, pink-tiled bathroom to be completely demolished and transformed into an elegant and modern master suite with retro hints and Airstream trailers. Season 12 was as exciting as the previous season with Matt Muenster ambushing unsuspecting homeowners in need of a bathroom makeover and giving them a bath they could not even dream about.

For season 13, Matt Muenster, “the bathroom guy,” should be back. Muenster is a designer and a contractor, who focuses on improving bathrooms on his show. “To have an oasis like that in your own home – that’s the game. That’s the craft that I’m trying to push, because that’s how you don’t have throw-away square footage in your house. The bathroom gets overlooked. Not anymore on my watch. I’m fixing it and that’s how you fix it.” 

Season 13 should contain some bath crashes in New Orleans as well since Muenster and his crew stopped by the NOLA Home Show back in January. In an interview about the event, Muenster said, “I do bathroom stuff and that’s kind of my thing. We’ve just finished our twelfth season of #BC. 156 episodes. I’m not going to do the math for you, but it’s somewhere in there.” Muenster said they did two crashes in New Orleans a year ago, but he may have done more since he spent some time down there this year. Season 12 already had wrapped up when he went, meaning season 13’s episodes had not been filmed yet.

In his time on the show, Muenster has changed the public perception of what a bathroom should be like. Instead of a utilitarian space, you wind up with a luxurious retreat as your bathroom, a nice and relaxing place in your home that you can escape to in order to unwind. Muenster said, “We just don’t take out some stuff and put some new stuff back in. We strip that room right down to the studs – take the ceiling out, knock down the walls, rip up the floors – it’s gone. We basically have to rebuild that room from the ground up and do it in three days. I defy anyone to do it better or faster…For better or for worse I’m the bathroom guy. There’s really no one else doing the volume of work that we’ve been doing with this show, so I’ve developed a pretty solid approach that we’ve needed to crank out the volume of bathrooms that we’ve done.” 

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To date, Muenster and his crew have done nearly 240 bathroom renovations on the show. Every episode, Muenster has taken a bathroom that is outdated and turned it into something that seemed unthinkable, creating a dream space out of the most-used room in the home. Editing and the magic of television may make Muenster’s work seem simple and look like anyone could try it, but each bathroom takes 40 to 50 hours to complete, which is only shown in a brief episode.

While the show is on the DIY network, it would be foolish to think that just anyone could actually redo their bathroom the way that Muenster is able to.

Muenster is a licensed and experienced professional contractor, meaning he has all of the documents and know-how to accomplish what the average person would not be able to, especially not in the same time span.

You can watch episodes of #BathCrashers on the DIY network’s website or in late-night rerun programming on the DIY network itself. They have not announced when season 13 will begin airing yet and it has not been renewed officially yet either.

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Liloma Staten
Liloma Staten
7 months 23 days ago

How can I contact Matt about redoing my master bath?