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Barnwood Builders (Season 5) has been confirmed for 2017, we absolutely can't wait!

Release Date of #BarnwoodBuilders S5: 2017

These Hills Have Heart!

In a veritable sea of home improvement shows, Barnwood Builders floats to the top. This show has a unique focal point, making it completely different from the rest; the restoration of old barns, farm buildings, and cabins in rural America.

Mark Bowe, the native West Virginian host and founder of his company, Antique Cabins and Barns, along with his expert crew, Johnny Jett, Sherman Thompson, Tim Rose, Graham Ferguson, and Brian Buckner, set out to discover the heritage of these amazing structures while restoring them with care.

The coolest part about this team? They use mostly reclaimed materials to keep the authentic style of the era in which the barns were built. When it comes to making a new structure have that antique appearance, Mark’s crew find and salvage old barnwood from barns which are too defunct to be saved.

There’s no drama on this show either, and very little goofy scripted lines. These men work well together, and share a brotherly bond which exemplifies the virtues of hard work, perseverance, kindness, and the placement of friendship above dollar signs. They absolutely love what they do, and it’s that love that carries over into their craft.

Mark Bowe recently explained to the Greenbrier, West Virginia visitors website, that one of the underlying benefits of #BB becoming so popular across the nation is, that the stereotypical view of people from the hills of West Virginia no longer has a negative connotation. He said, as a part of he and his team championing the West Virginia image, “I’d like to change the stereotype of the word ‘hillbilly.’ The network wouldn’t let us use it the first season, but then truck drivers would be making deliveries to us and proudly identifying themselves as hillbillies. The network came around. I think it means strong ties to family and friends, a willingness to do hard work, and things like perseverance and fortitude.”

Americans have responded well to this show, with IMDb voter ranking the series at 8.8 out of 10 with almost 70 votes cast. That is an extremely high score for any show, let alone a niche renovation series on the DIY network! There isn’t one negative comment, and all viewers agree that the honesty and integrity displayed on this show is highly commendable.

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Viewers appreciate the lack of censorship ‘beeps,’ indicating good language is naturally a part of Mark and his crew’s lives, and their lighthearted humor is refreshing. Most of all, viewers love seeing these beautiful historical structured returned to their former glory using the same techniques that their forefathers used when they were originally built (some, over a hundred years ago).

Season 4 premiered on October 31, 2016, and viewership appears to be holding steady, with a recent episode earning a 0.06 demo rating with 0.36 million viewers. DIY network has not made any official announcements about the future of this show, but if fans have any say about it, they would love it to be renewed for life!

#BarnwoodBuilders airs on Sunday nights at 9pm ET on DIY.

Have you been an avid fan of this series since it began back in 2013? Which of the projects was your

absolute favorite? What kind of project would you like to see Mark and the crew tackle next?

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DIY Network has ordered 2 more seasons of #BB! The new episodes will premiere in 2017.

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