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We're delighted to announce that Bargain Hunt will return to BBC One for a 46 season

#BargainHunt S46 is confirmed, Release Date: To be scheduled

Hunting For Profit.

The popular UK game show Bargain Hunt is back on! This is the first series without Tim Wonnacott presenting (who had been with the show for 15 years), but the group of presenters who took his place are doing a bang-up job! Anita Manning, Charlie Ross, Eric Knowles, and Natasha Raskin take turns leading the reds and blues on the chase to pick up bargains around the country.

Series 45 premiered on 12 September 2016, and this series will air a total of 32 episodes during the midday line-up on BBC One. While re-runs of previously aired episodes are shown mid-week, new episodes air at 12:15pm on Mondays and Fridays. In the past, there have been celebrities joining the teams and special episodes over the years, keeping the content fresh and exciting for fans of this long-running show.

The premise of this game is fairly simple: two teams of two people each, the reds and the blues, must find the best deal on antiques, then sell them and try to make a profit. Each of these teams get to have an antiques expert accompany them as they hunt around flea markets and shops for special items they think might be auctioned for more than they paid. The experts will offer them guidance and knowledge about the items they choose, but ultimately the teams get the final say as to which items they want to go with.

There are also segues in each episode where the presenters and experts take the camera crews through historical landmarks where they deliver mini-lessons that often tie into the theme of their location or the antiques found. Sometimes, it it simply a museum or a grand estate which houses ancient items that they can talk about with viewers.

Once the teams buy their items, the auctioneer gets to weigh-in with their opinion and appraise the items. The auction is the determining factor; if the item sells for more than the team paid, they get to add the difference to a running total; if the item sells for less than they paid, they must subtract that amount. The final total is tallied, and the winning team is the one with the most profit from all of the their items sold at auction. Those who actually made a profit get to keep the money, and if all three items profited, they receive a trophy. Teams who make no profit, and this is usually the case, go home with absolutely nothing (aside from the fun opportunity of being on this show).

Reviews From Fans and Foes.

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IMDb voters rank the series at 6.4 out of 10 with 265 votes cast. Viewers comment about the show having a well-presented educational value, with the hosts being entertaining and laughable. Some even share their views on finding bargains similar to those found on the show themselves, using the knowledge they obtained from watching. Those who dislike the show say that it could be much better than just a competition game show style, citing Antiques Roadshow being superior in terms of historical information.

Will The Show Return in 2017?

Most likely, there will be a series 46 in 2017, as there is currently a casting-call for contestants on the BBC One official site for this show. The production companies have not made any official announcements at this time about the future of the show, nor any further changes to the presenters.

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