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‘Ballers’ Still Going Strong


Ballers is a great show with a fresh view on sports from the agency side of things. A better way to think of the show is as Entourage for football. Starring Dwayne Johnson as ex-football player turned agent, it’s a very in-depth look at the lives of football players and how they handle their fame. Despite a strong push by the NFL to get the show taken off of the air, HBO has renewed it for a 3rd season.

This is the most successful stint that Johnson has had, in movies or television. The renewal is big for the star as he is one of the gems of Hollywood but not quite at A-list status yet. If the show gets past the syndication mark, then people will have to start seriously looking at Johnson by his real name and dropping his WWE nickname.

The NFL hates Ballers and doesn’t want it to be on the air. The best football series of all time was on ESPN and was called Playmakers. It showed the lives of NFL players in both their best and worst light. Since the NFL didn’t like the glorification of football players at their worst, they forced ESPN to take it off the air. This was possible due to ESPN being in a broadcasting contract with the NFL. So when the NFL tried to flex its muscles on the independent HBO? Didn’t work.

The star power and sports star crossovers are strong with this show, and it is the only show that knows how to find (or at least direct) sports stars that can actually act. None of the special guests on the show ever look out of place.

Is Dwayne Johnson close to being a true A-list actor? What was your favorite scene from season one or two?

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