‘Ballers’ Gets An Upgrade


But not the type that you’re thinking. One of the best shows on HBO is moving from Florida to California for production starting in the third season. This is significant because they have already been approved for an $8.3 million tax credit from California. Moving a show in order to get a tax credit is nothing new, yet it is something that puzzlingly isn’t done by a lot of shows. Movies seem to have the right idea, and have been milking the system dry for years.

Yet this is bad news for the state of Florida, as shows are getting smarter and packing up for greener pastures. California launched the expanded tax initiative program, and it has been brilliant in bringing talent back to the state. To date, this will be the seventh series to relocate and bring their talents to California. The other high profile shows include Secrets and Lies, American Crime, Veep, American Horror Story, Scream Queens and Mistresses. There are no slouches in that group, and it just goes to show that the program is working wonders.

Ballers has been a hit on HBO since it was first announced, and this extra money the show is saving will help out immensely with production. That means more money to spend on special guest stars (bring back Eddie George!) and cool production sets. Ballers is about as flashy as a dramedy gets, and is basically Entourage with sports. With the upcoming 2017 season meaning a lot to the entire cast, a move like this that saves money will only endear them to the network. Count that with the sky high ratings and you can count on Ballers being on the air for the next few years.

What other shows should pack up and move to California? Was this a good move for Ballers?

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