‘B Team’ Will Feature A Vine Star


FOX is onboard with the new series B Team, a comedy that will spoof the popular A Team. And they plan on doing it in style, using Vine star Andrew Bachelor. That’s a pretty tall order for a social media star, and is even bigger than Singer getting her own Netflix series. This is broadcast television after all, so the audience is larger, and a lot more concentrated. There is more experience with Danny Mackey as the writer and Adam Devine as a creative talent behind the camera. Devine is already busy with other projects, yet would have been the prime choice to star in the series.

B Team follows a former Navy Seal that is having trouble blending in with regular society now that he is out of the service. After getting a bit bored with everyday life, he puts together a team of likeminded individuals to form the Badass Taskforce of Elite Assault Mercenaries. They are anything but, and seem to cause more havoc than the actual criminals. It’s basically an extended series of the Family Guy episode where the boys decide to become the A Team. And of course, the idea has been done before in both television and movies a hundred times over.

Chris Case is going to be the showrunner for the series, so there is a lot of good experienced talent behind the camera. But Bachelor is also serving as one of the executive producers, which is a pretty big deal considering he will be the most inexperienced. This isn’t the first time Bachelor has been in a comedy series on FOX, as last year he was set to do star in a series by Key and Peele. Is the second time the charm?

How will the B Team be received by fans? What do you think of Bachelor having a second shot on FOX?

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