‘Atlanta’ Finishes Its First Season


Now that season one is out of the way, what did Atlanta bring to the table? Besides being the hottest new series on FX, this could be consider Donald Glover’s breakout role. Not Parks and Recreation where he was part of a large ensemble cast, but Atlanta. Here’s some of the biggest happenings this year.

  1. Earn just can’t catch a break, in personal or professional life. The finale was mostly about searching for a blue bomber jacket that he ‘lost’ and couldn’t find. But was it ever really about the jacket, or was there something more?
  2. Atlanta is just too good when it comes to pop culture references and social media. In one episode they managed to plug Uber several times while showing just how valuable snapchat can be if you happen to have one of those blacked out drunken nights.
  3. In an incident that really came out of nowhere, when the guys finally track down the jacket (and the Uber guy that has it) somehow the cops come out of nowhere. Guess who got shot? The Uber guy with the jacket as he tried to flee the scene. Unexpected, and a little bit tragic.
  4. Turns out a little later that what Earn had been looking for the whole time was a key labeled 425. This is the key to his storage unit, the one that he sleeps in. Will season 2 provide a brighter story for Earn and all of his hard work?

That’s what a lot of people are hoping for, and Atlanta will debut its next ten episodes in 2017. Earn is doing everything he can to support the people around him, so there is no doubt he will turn things around eventually.

Did season one live up to expectations? What did you think of the finale?

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