Are DJ & Steve Getting a Second Chance For ‘Fuller House’?


One of the key hooks in any family drama is always young love! Viewers are always a little let down when a show ends with the high school sweethearts apart like The Wonder Years did with Winnie and Kevin. However, sometimes they do get a happy ever after. For example, in Girl Meets World it turned out that Corey and Topanga from Boy Meets World stayed together. Now is seems like Fuller House might be about to follow that lead after Candace Cameron Bure teased that maybe DJ and Steve could find their happy ending when Fuller House airs on Netflix.

‘Steve makes a few appearances on the show,’ says Candace. ‘I’m sure they talk about old love, and listen, DJ is widowed and it’s been a while since her husband passed away. She’s thinking about dating!’ This comes as welcome news to fans who were concerned that maybe DJ was too freshly widowed to consider any kind of relationship. Candace’s comments are by no means confirmation that there will be a romance, but at least we know that the possibility is there!

In the original Full House series, widower Danny was joined by his musician brother-in-law Jesse, and his goofy best friend Joey to raise his daughters. This time it is the widowed DJ who is joined by her musician sister Stephanie and goofy friend Kimmy to raise the kids. However, unlike Danny who had to wait some time for a love interest, DJ seems to be open to it right away! It is understandable that any romance would need to be quick given that Fuller House potentially only has 13 episodes, so using a familiar face like Steve actually makes perfect sense!

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