Another ‘Emmerdale’ Actor Quits


A lot of moves are being made around the industry with personnel shuffling from one show to the next. This seems to be happening more frequently this year, and in some cases stars are going on to completely different careers! In the case of Emmerdale, the long running soap has been hit the hardest with its current cast. And now Bill Ward can be added to the growing list of actors that are jumping the Emmerdale ship.

Ward plays James Barton, one of the major characters on the show. ITV isn’t even trying to hide how he will leave the show, and they are not leaving it open to any type of interpretation. The character will be killed off later this year and it seems like it will be a finality for the character. No one knows yet how it will happen, and they are keeping the details a big secret until the eventful day. ITV is marketing it as being part of a huge new storyline, so there is also a chance that they may introduce a new character with this death.

This is pretty big news and is not that far from the departure of Andy Sugden, although the loss of Kevin Fletcher’s character was a much bigger impact. Emmerdale just can’t seem to keep its biggest stars which is a problem for a soap of its caliber. Sophie Powles also decided to call it quits, and the show really hasn’t addressed the character Holly Barton in an impactful way.

Emmerdale can survive this, but there has to be a reason so many are jumping ship. It’s still a must watch television show, and that is the main reason it continues to draw in viewers.

What actor will call it quits next from Emmerdale? Why are so many leaving the show?

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