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History has yet to officially confirm the fate of Ancient Aliens Season 12

Release Date of #AncientAliens S12: To be announced

Ancient Aliens is an American television documentary series on the History Channel that originally premiered on April 20th, 2010. The hour-long series is produced by Prometheus Entertainment and is Executive Produced by Kevin Burns. The series explores different hypotheses regarding “ancient astronauts”.

#AA also explores the concept that ancient historical texts, evidence from archaeology and different legends and mythologies also point to the fact that humans have made contact with aliens or other extraterrestrial beings before. Season eleven of the show premiered on May 6th, 2016.

Can you tell me more about what this show is about?

The series is executive produced by Kevin Burns. Robert Clotworthy serves as a narrator for the show. During the first season of the show, the running time per episode was ninety minutes. From season two onward, each episode currently runs at forty-four minutes long. The series airs on the History Network, but the distributor is A&E Television.

The series took a brief hiatus from the History Network and aired on the H2 Network from season four to the middle of season seven. In each episode of the documentary, we see different “experts” speak on the subject of the extraterrestrial including the Reverend Barry Downing, psychologist Jonathan Young, the radio talk show host George Noory, and UFO researcher C. Scott Littleton. Giorigio Tsoukalo serves as the consulting producer for the show

How has the show been received? Have there been any criticisms of the documentary series?

The show has been criticized for presenting and exploring “pseudoscience and pseudo-history” as fact and as science. Despite receiving some negative feedback as being “far-fetched” and “hugely speculative”, the show has remained widely viewed during its first ten seasons. Perhaps it is the negative attention that keeps viewers coming back for more?

Brad Lockwood from talked about the addition of the series to the History channel line-up describing it as one of the “programs devoted to monsters, aliens, and conspiracies” and that the program “defies all ability to suspend disbelief for the sake of entertainment”.

Where did we leave off in the series?

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The final episode of the tenth season of #AncientAliens aired in October of 2015. The episode explored the idea that aliens that could have visited us in the past and that knowledge and memory is being censored from us in modern times. The episode also explored the conspiracy that any knowledge of past visits might be stored in locations that are forbidden to the average civilian.

What has happened in season eleven so far?

Some of the ideas explored so far in season eleven include mysterious structures in Antarctica which some people believe are evidence of extraterrestrials as well as an episode on the theory that manned missions to Mars may reveal the existence of extraterrestrial intervention.

Will there be a twelfth season of the show?

We have not heard an official announcement on the official release of a twelfth season, but we also haven’t heard an official cancellation of the show either. Despite criticisms the show has received, it has remained one of the most popular shows on the network and our guess is that it will more than likely be renewed for a twelfth season. There have been so many different stories, points of view and perspectives featured on the show thus far, we are guessing there will be some repetition if there is a twelfth

season! We are sure though the producers will find some new stories and angles to keep the series fresh and up to date.

We want to hear from you!

What do you think of this series? Do you believe it is pseudoscience? Have you watched the show up to this point? Will you watch the new season of it is released again? Do you believe in aliens? Weigh in and let us know your thoughts and opinions!

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25 days 12 hours ago

I just love the Ancient Aliens series, I have collected every one on DVD so far. Season 12 should definitely be made for all us science junkies out there. Former US Air Force electronic tech., who has seen & tracked one on radar.