‘American Horror Story’ Has Been Renewed!


FX wasted no time in renewing their hit show American Horror Story for a 7th season, set to air in 2017. At this point the show has become one of the flagship shows for the network and continues to grow in popularity and outright creepiness. Since its September 14th debut, the 6th season has had over 13 million viewers on average tuning in. That’s magical numbers for a network like FX, and even at this late stage in the game the show doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

A big part of that is due to it being an anthology series, meaning that the story and characters are reimagined each season. Fargo does the same thing and has won numerous awards for the format, and it keeps the series fresh in multiple season runs. Technically American Horror Story can run as many seasons as possible and still have the same freshness as the first season. And if all-stars like Lady Gaga continue to provide their talents to the show, then it will really continue to be a blockbuster.

Debuting in 2011, creators/executive producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk imagined the series exactly how it is aired. Usually when a series of this size makes it to television, there are a lot of changes to both the writing and plot. Murphy and Falchuk have moved forward with their premise with virtually zero forced changes, which is exactly why the show is so successful.

They also did a fantastic job in handpicking the writers for the series, which requires inventive, imaginative and sometimes outright nutty storyboarding. The theme for next year is already in the works, and fans are anticipating another fantastic beginning to the series.

What do you think the theme will be for the upcoming season 7? What has been your favorite theme so far?

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