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CNBC began airing American Greed series Eleven on January 23, 2017

S11 Started January 23, 2017

Stealing Money Is Their Business!

If you thought the common criminals featured on shows like COPS were crazy, the so-called white-collar criminals showcased on American Greed are even crazier, because their crimes involve the disruption of more lives and money than all of the small-time crimes on COPS put together.

These people are already wealthy, and many folks wonder why they feel the need to rob and steal for even more bounty. This show busts open the case files on these scheming criminals, displaying all the sordid details of their highly manipulative and often life-time careers of unlawful activity.

AG has been running strong on CNBC for nearly a decade now, and has covered the criminal careers of such famous cases as Tyco International, WorldCom, Bernie Madoff, Lou Pearlman, and the rise and fall of the Mustang Ranch. Stacy Keach has narrated viewers through some of the most heinous accounts of insurance fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, murder-for-hire, and even crimes committed by politicians.

The show just finished its tenth season, and nearly every type of greedy financial criminal type was represented. From doctors stealing millions from cancer-free patients while he dosed them with unnecessary and expensive chemotherapy, to undertakers using a sexy saleswoman to swindle people into buying phony future grave set-ups, to the bribes and exploitative actions of the previous mayor, Ray Nagin, after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans.

This true-crime documentary series has been well-received since its inception, and IMDb voters rank #AG at a high 8.2 out of 10 with nearly 200 votes cast. Viewers comment about the show leaving them with a good feeling after having the truth finally come out in the open about these despicable thieves, and they appreciate the educational value of the series. Some have shared their thoughts about following the news headlines as the more famous fraud cases unfolded, and applauded #AmericanGreed chronicling the entire history in an entertaining and enjoyable piece of documentary work.

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Season 10 premiered on March 31, 2016, and earned a demo rating of 0.12 with 0.42 million viewers. Across the 20 episode season, viewership fell to nearly half, and the rating had a drop of 0.3 points. The season finale aired on September 29, 2016, with a demo rating of 0.09 and 0.25 million people watching.

While those aren’t tremendous numbers for the network, this series has been a stable time-slot filler for CNBC. Although there hasn’t been any official announcements about renewal yet, it is highly likely AG will return in 2017 for its 10 year anniversary.

#AG normally airs new episodes on Thursdays at 10pm ET, and is currently airing reruns on Saturday marathons from 7pm to 2am on CNBC. The official YouTube playlist on CNBC’s channel has over 300 videos uploaded, and full episodes are available on the network’s website. They can also be purchased for download on the iTunes Store.

Have you been a fan of this series for almost 10 years now? Which of

the fraudsters was the most horrendous, in your opinion? Would you like to see the series continue?

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