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The First season of the television series American Gods commenced airing on April 30, 2017

S1 Started April 30, 2017

Do we exist because of the gods or do they exist because of us?

Nick Gaiman’s award winning novel of the same name, American Gods, published in June 2001 birthed questions that even the most unreligious of us must surely have wondered about at some point before delving into the very nature of godhood based on Norse, Native American, African and various other mythologies.

Considered a cult classic in certain spheres, it has currently been snapped up by Freemantle Media who have begun the production process, to the joy of its fans.

So what do we know so far about the series?

For starters, it is being penned by Brian Fuller who has famously worked on Hannibal, Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls, as well as Michael Green whose writing and producing credits include Sex and the City, Smallville and Snoop (and who also has Prometheus 2, Blade Runner 2 and Wolverine 3 in the works).  Both writers will also be serving in the capacity of executive producers in tandem with a quartet which includes Neil Gaiman himself, Craig Cegielski, Stefanie Berk and Thom Beers. It will also be aired on Starz which has been responsible for hits such as Spartacus, Da Vinci’s Demons and Boss.

The story focuses on a mysterious, taciturn loner, Shadow Moon who has just been released from a stint behind bars for armed robbery in order to attend a funeral – his wife’s – and his encounter with a mysterious stranger who knows more about him than anyone should ever have a right to know about anyone else.

In Shadow’s world, the gods do exist and they are right there among ordinary people and about to wage war against each other.

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It certainly is not the first time that a network has attempted to kick start a project of this nature relating to the famous novel. In 2011, executives at HBO tried their hand at producing a series but finally threw in the towel three years later. Executives at Starz soon picked up the baton in 2014 when the rights fell into the hands of Freemantle Media in the same year. CEO Chris Albrecht has declared his pleasure at the scripts which had been developed for the series.

Casting is currently underway and Neil  Gaiman announced that the lead character has been cast, while writers and executive producers, Fuller and Green announced to fans with palpable delight that they had scoured the surface of the entire earth searching for the lead character before settling on a choice, they deemed remarkable and worthy of the devotion of fans of the novel.

They are currently concentrating on other characters and promise to have an amazing trick or two up their sleeves that fans will be sure to love.

As can be expected, a huge concern of fans of any work adapted in such a manner is the producers’ respect for the authenticity of the original work.

In this case, they can breathe easy since Brian Fuller has confirmed that they intend to stay true to the original novel, which for fans is always a beautiful thing. Casting is extremely specific with actors who represent, characters as closely

as portrayed in the novels – and a pinch of acting ability of course – being the key focus.

There is also the plot as well which will feature core elements of the original story fleshed out for the TV series and the writers are certainly planning ahead for the long term. Which according to Fuller means an even closer glimpse at lesser deities in the event of the series getting off to a roaring start.

Awesome news! Another cast member has been added to the television adaptation of Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods'. Comedian Dane Cook will be appearing in the series as 'Robbie' the best friend of the show's protagonist Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle). The first 10 episodes are currently in production and are scheduled to air in 2017 on Starz.

UPDATED April 21, 2016

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