AMC Is Serious About ‘The Walking Dead’


This is so ridiculous, but not in a bad way. AMC never stops the marketing for their favorite series, and continues to push the envelope. They are going to air an 88 hour marathon of The Walking Dead starting October 16th, which covers all six seasons of The Walking Dead.

Even for non-fans of the series, this is great news. The marathon is part of their Fearfest programming which runs annually, and which is now going from old horror movies to full on original horror marathons. What makes this so special is that no other show in television history has changed as much as The Walking Dead. Six seasons have passed and it is still one of the most infuriating shows on television, yet one you can’t turn away from. Even the stench of Fear The Walking Dead doesn’t diminish the ratings quality of the original show, which is saying a lot. In short, The Walking Dead is next level television.

The only other show that had so many changing storylines and characters over a short period of time would be Game of Thrones. Each season looks completely different than the next. And while The Simpsons marathon was great in its own right, each season doesn’t have drastic changes.

Counting The Walking Dead Marathon, this will be twenty consecutive years that Fearfest has been run by AMC. So far there hasn’t been a negative reaction from them for forgoing their usual way of doing things. The season premiere is only a few days away on the 23rd, so now is a better time than ever to play catch up. But whatever you do, don’t rewatch the season six finale unless you have a high tolerance for drama!

What was the best television marathon of all time? Will this be the new face of Fearfest?

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