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Food Network has yet to announce the fate of All-Star Academy Season 3

Release Date of #AllStarAcademy S3: To be announced

Airing on Food Network, All Star Academy is a culinary competition that takes home cooks and pairs them up with mentors who are some of the network’s biggest names to guide them towards the prize. Along the way, each cook competes in culinary challenges that are judged by guest stars each episode to determine who is the champion of the round. For those who enjoy watching cooking shows, this competition offers an insight into advice from the professionals in a competitive setting. The series premiered in 2015 and the second season wrapped up in April, leading fans o the show anxiously awaiting an announcement of the third season.

How are people reacting to the show?

Since the inception of the show, people have reacted positively to the style of competition. The quick paced episodes keep it going and intrigue people from episode to episode. The guest judges are interesting to mix things up during each different episode. Critics of the show find it to be a little redundant because it’s not a new concept, but they’re glad to see it return. The ratings on are 6.8 stars out of ten, with most of the viewers being over 30. It’s expected that with new seasons of the show that it will gain a larger fan base, as it is already pretty popular.

Who are the mentors on All-Star Academy?

The mentors teamed up on the show are known for being on Food Network shows and consist of Alex Guarnaschelli, Andrew Zimmern, Curtis Stone, and Robert Irvine. Alex got her start in cooking by growing up with a mother who was a cookbook editor, and her mother’s encouragement is what got her passion for cooking. She attended Barnard College and began to work in restaurants and kitchens after her graduation, even moving to France to study culinary there. She has been a judge on Chopped and participated in Iron Chef. Andrew is known around the culinary world for his knowledge about food and his world knowledge from having traveled to over 170 countries. He is the creator of Bizarre foods on Travel Channel and has worked on many different shows in his time. Australian Curtis is known for owning his own restaurant, writing a cookbook and for being on Kitchen Inferno and Guilty Pleasures.

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When can fans of the series expect to see the next season of the series?

There has been no confirmation at this date that the series has been renewed for its third season, but with ratings similar to that of the first season, it makes for a good candidate for a third season. Shows like this often take a critical look at their format during this stage of their run, and make slight modifications to keep viewers engaged. It’s possible they could introduce a new mentor during the season, which would likely premiere in March or April of 2017.

What happened during the second season?

The second season started with nine competitors who were emerged in the competition with a challenge consisting of creating a meal from the contents of a lunch box. Each episode consists of an elimination round during which one contestant goes home.

They were also challenged to create a meal based on their cultures, and then the next episode features a dessert that is inspired by art. Each challenge is designed to make the contestants think about food in a different way. Another episode featured a literature-inspired challenge. The season finale had the remaining contestants giving meatloaf an update. In the restaurant business for two and half decades, Robert is known best as host of Restaurant: Impossible.

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11 months 15 days ago

I would love to be on the show to learn from one of the mentors. This would be a dream come true! I love to cook and feel I need some help to understand seasoning profiles. I just know what flavors I like.