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Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 7? The network has not made a decision yet

Release Date of #ALF S7: To be announced

It was more than eighty years ago when Swiss immigrant, Yule Kilcher, went to Homer, Alaska in search of land for his family. He was a homesteader like many in his time, and he achieved what he set out to do. Not far outside of the town of Homer, is a large plot of land, 640 acres, which have belonged to the Kilcher clan ever since Papa Yule settled there. The property and all of its pre-convenience glory, has been passed down within the family, and now three generations survive there together. The show’s camera crew follow the family members as they perform their daily tasks and prepare for changing seasons and long, frigid winters. Much of their day-to-day consists of hunting, cattle rearing, and fishing, as well as building their homes and maintaining the property.

There has been plenty of excitement over the past five seasons. Most recently a huge earthquake rocked the homestead, and there are difficult family matters to attend to. What will the family do with the elders aging rapidly and health issues needing attention when there aren’t any doctors nearby? Our modern society has become so accustomed to finding medical help easily, imagine what it would be like in the middle of winter and there is a health emergency with your beloved grandmother?

Season six features the exciting return of family member Jewel Kilcher, better known as the famous singer/songwriter and Grammy winner, Jewel. Her family hasn’t seen her in over seven years, and she felt it was time to bring her own little boy back to the homestead so he could take part in the Kilcher family heritage.

IMDb voters rate the show a very high 7.9 out of 10, despite most of the wordy comments outing the show for being phony and staged. Even the Kilcher’s neighbor posted, saying that this show is completely faked, and knowing the Kilcher’s personally, no viewer should believe a word of what they see on the show. Some comments express potential dishonesty with the portrayal of the ultra-rural, cut-off lifestyle of the Kilcher’s. With their homestead being only an hour away from a major metro area, a few short miles from a few grocery stores, and plenty of publicity received in the form of tours, naysayers complain that this family is far from being out-there.

One commenter mentioned that Sarah Palin began the Alaska publicity craze and welcomed the reality production crews into her home state, allowing them to collect subsidies from taxpayers to film there. Plus, with the Kilcher’s having a Grammy Award-winning music icon in the family, their well-connectedness explains why this show has survived for six seasons and will likely be around for more.

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Season 6 premiered on October 2, 2016. While viewership and ratings numbers could not be found for episode one, the second week came in at a 0.3 demo rating with 1.35 million viewers. That is extremely high for a reality show on Discovery Channel. Unless something dramatically changes to deter viewers from watching, there will likely be a seventh season being announced by Discovery Channel very soon.

Alaska: The Last Frontier airs on Sunday nights at 9pm ET on Discovery Channel, and also streams on Hulu.

What is it about the Kilcher’s that keeps you coming back to watch week

after week? Are you thrilled to see that Jewel is coming home to be with her kin? Do you think there will be a seventh season renewal?

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Lou Lou
Lou Lou
6 months 20 days ago

I love the show, it is refreshing and exciting to see how they live. It is so great to see a series that does not have violence for a change. Even though they may live near a grocery store and a large city, it is interesting to see how they grow most of their food and hunt and fish for most of their meat. I really hope the series continues.

4 months 25 days ago

My husband and I love the show. We don’t watch the those others like the kardashien, real housewife, big brother etc. We like Finding bigfoot on animal planet. the Alaska the last frontier, alaska bush pilots, the alaskan bush people, the yukon men etc.

Shirley Forest
Shirley Forest
4 months 3 days ago

My husband, Alan and I really love this show and looking forward to Season 7. We just love all the Kilcher’s and wish we could visit Alaska and meet all the families. Is there any way we could get signed pictures of all the Kicher’s. Our names are Alan & Shirley Forest, 102 Springhill Drive, Palestine, TX 75801. Thanks for any information, pictures you se d

Ilse Cornforth
Ilse Cornforth
2 months 18 days ago

My husband and I love watching this is program and we can’t wait for the 7 program starts, we also enjoy watching Alaskan bush people also the last Alaskan. Love all the programs. It makes me want to live out there, a very hard life xx

Carol Wehmeyer
Carol Wehmeyer
2 months 7 days ago

I get upset when people criticize the show as being fake. Sure these people could, & do on occasion, go into town. But there choice is to live on the homestead & do like their father did. If I remember right, the producers came to them about doing the show because it was an unusual situation.

I know Alaska is now being flooded with “reality” shows, some of which have questionable realism, but I truly love & believe in ATLF. Please, please, please do not take it off the air. So many good shows get the ax & are replaced by some of the stupidest shows on tv.

Please bring it back! I miss my Sunday night ritual !!