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Airplane Repo Season 4? The network has not made a decision yet

Release Date of #AirplaneRepo S4: To be announced

Airline Repo is a reality TV series that came onto our screens in 2010 on Discovery Channel and it has been running ever since. The series stars, among others, Danny Thompson, Kevin Lacey and Ken Cage.

What’s It All About?

Airline Repo focuses on men who go chasing after luxury planes to repossess them when people cannot pay for them and there is big risk involved to all.

What’s Been Happening?

Airline Repo aired on our screens with season 1 episode 1 on July 11 2013 when viewers were introduced to three repo men who go looking for adrenaline thrills and their job is to chase down multi-million dollar jets all around the US. The men have to rely on their wits along with skill to remain ahead of the law and those who own the planes and of course there is high risk and a high reward.

Throughout the season we have seen the repo men go to Central Valley for a 25k payday, the men facing dangerous swamps, a high risk heist over in Colorado and going to Alaska to find a Piper Super Club. The season came to an end on September 26 2013 when one of the repo men had to sky dive into an airfield so that he could get the airplane they were after.

The latest season to air at the time of writing was season 3 and episode 1 aired on July 15 2015 and viewers saw a helicopter that was being repossessed snatched away minutes before the boys were to take it.

Throughout the season we have seen the repossession of a helicopter that landed on a high rise, the seizure of a luxury yacht; the guys undertake repossession in mid-air, the repossession of a fleet of Cessna planes from a dubious flights school and going underwater to make repossession. The season came to an end on September 16 2015 with episode 10 and the guys repossessing an air ambulance.

So are we going to see a season 4 of Airplane Repo and if so when can we expect it to arrive on our TV screens?

What’s In Store?

At the moment we are waiting for confirmation about season 4 of #AR to be announced. As previous seasons of the series have aired in July it is thought that season 4 could be shown July 2016.

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What Are The Top 3 Outstanding Episodes?

There are many great episodes of #AirplaneRepo but there are some that stand out among others as being outstanding.

Season 1 episode 1 was outstanding when viewers were introduced to the three repo men who go all over the US to chase down jets that are worth many millions of dollars to repossess them.

Season 2 episode 4 was one of the most outstanding when Kevin repossessed a Learjet but then had to make an emergency landing in a storm.

Season 3 episode 3 saw Danny and Ken repossessing a luxury yacht and being chased by the debtor and Kevin getting into trouble in mid-air.

Choices for Watching Again

If you want to watch episodes of AR again you will be pleased to hear that you can watch episodes

on Amazon Prime. You can also purchase seasons on DVD to watch at your leisure.

Have you been a fan of #AirplaneRepo since the show first aired? Have you watched all episodes of the show up to now and are you looking forward to a new season? Give us your thoughts on the show in the comments section and don’t forget that you can take out a subscription to be reminded about upcoming seasons and episodes.

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