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Aftermath will conclude its run on Syfy

#Aftermath Cancelled, No Season Two :(

Apocalypse drama Aftermath is currently in its first season on SyFy. The show focuses on the Copeland family, consisting of former Air Force pilot Karen Copeland (Anne Heche), world cultures professor Joshua Copeland (James Tupper) and their three nearly grown children, played by Julia Sarah Stone, Levi Meaden, Taylor Hickson. After civilization ends in a series of natural disasters, the family has to fight to survive, dealing with deadly weather, fellow survivors, and supernatural beings on the way.

To date, the primary plotline of the show has been the family attempting to leave Yakima, Washington, due to a meteor, and looking for a new safe haven. However, they have had to detour after daughter Brianna is kidnapped. After dealing with the beginnings of a potential insanity plague, they then encounter Aztec deity Quetzalcoatl, a potential major villain for the show.

If the past description seems a bit difficult to follow, then you’re not alone. The overarching complaint from critics is that @Aftermath may have potential, but far too many disasters, monsters, and plot twists are crammed into too little time for any of them to have the impact that they should. One interesting thing about the show so far is that no attempt so far has been given to explain why these disasters are going on. Do you think the showrunners should even bother, or would that only overcomplicate the show more?

While a bit of B-movie horror could still be entertaining, the sheer volume of craziness taking place in the show takes up valuable time that could be used to develop the characters. While this often takes a backseat in shows like this, a little bit can go a long way. The success of shows like The Walking Dead shows that iconic characters beyond the monsters can be made in a genre like this, which @Aftermath fails to do. However, critics agree that if the pace slows down a bit, #Aftermath could have some potential.

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At the moment, chances of another season for #Aftermath have yet to be confirmed, but it’s hard to say whether or not it will be renewed. Without the production values or budget of larger-scale productions, many SyFy shows find themselves in a certain niche, relying on shock and absurdity. This isn’t always a bad thing, look to the viral success of the Sharknado made-for-TV series to see how much attention a proper B-movie can draw if it hits the right notes with the audience.

However, Aftermath doesn’t seem to be drawing the same pop culture and social media attention as its counterparts. Without that, we

have to look at the show on its own merits, and while post-apocalyptic works are popular, it may not be enough to carry this show into another season.

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