‘Adventure Time’ Is Ending After Its 9th Season


The cult classic Adventure Time will end its great run after season 9. The ratings are still high, but like Seinfeld, the show is going out while it is still on top. It’s one of the most successful Cartoon Network shows in history, and is both an Emmy and Peabody award winner. In 2018 the show will officially end, but will still rerun old episodes for a few more years. Adventure Time has been great for both kids and adults, and is one of those animated series that everyone could watch together. All of the characters are loveable, and it led to a successful branding of the show.

There are several adventure time video games, toys and even clothes. Thousands of people will be dressing up like one of the characters on the show this Halloween, and the Finn hat is one of the coolest accessories to wear. It’s hard to believe that the humble beginnings of the show started with a simple short from the series Random! Cartoons. By the time it made its official premiere as a series on Cartoon Network in 2010, there was already a huge following.

Adventure Time was also a unique challenge in the way people would work, and depended heavily on storyboarding to complete episodes. As the team was largely visual, this created a completely new way of working in an industry that was largely based on script pitches. By leaning on storyboards as a starting point, the writers and artists of the show built their own unique style. This style is as unique as the one used for South Park, and is the reason the show is as critically acclaimed for its animation as it is for the writing. The Adventure Time movie is still in limbo, so maybe the end of the series will push that project through?

What did you think about the series? Was it the best Cartoon Network had to offer?

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