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ABC Cuts Episode Order of ‘Notorious’


ABC has cut down the episode order of the first season of Notorious down to 10 for the year. It was originally set for 13 seasons, so there are some really conflicting details on the future of the series. Of course ABC said the show wasn’t cancelled, and that they are retaining the actor’s options. This of course means nothing in the larger scheme of things, and that has to do with the show getting the ratings the network wants. So in short, yes, Notorious is as good as cancelled.

Notorious was a pretty good concept when it came out on September 22nd, and even landed the coveted Shondaland primetime slot. That timeslot is sandwiched between Grey’s Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder, making it impossible for any show to fail. Even though it debuted to 5+ million viewers, it has gone downhill in the ratings since. The fifth episode could only muster up less than 4 million, leading many to believe that the show really isn’t cut out for all the hype surrounding it.

That means Notorious missed a golden opportunity that not many shows ever get, since now Scandal will be making its return and pushing Notorious completely out of Shondaland. Even if ABC tries to pin the season cut order on Scandal coming back, everyone knows the history of the network. It wouldn’t make sense to keep the show unless it somehow rebounds in a new timeslot. But with half the season over, is there really a chance there will be a miraculous recover in the ratings? Don’t looked surprised when ABC cans the series for good, especially since newcomer Conviction looks like the same exact show and is pulling in better numbers.

Why is Notorious not doing well with viewers this season? Will it get cancelled before season two?

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