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The First season of A Series of Unfortunate Events began on January 13, 2017

S1 Started January 13, 2017

A Series of Unfortunate Events is based on Lemony Snicket’s novel that was popular several decades ago amongst the Millennial generation. Previously, #SeriesUnfortunateEvents was adapted in a movie; however, it is now being translated into a television series by Netflix that will be airing this Fall. Viewers are very anxious to see how Netflix is able to translate this favorite piece of literature.

What viewers should expect?

The premise behind SUE is related to a set of orphan siblings named Sunny, Violet, and Klaus Baudelaire as they try to find answers in connection to their parent’s death. What they are not anticipating is their distant relative named Count Olaf making their quest quite difficult due to his interest in obtaining the Baudelaire fortune. What Sunny, Violet, and Klaus do know is that their parent’s death is related to an elusive organization named V.F.D. that they are desperate to learn more information about.

Throughout the series SUE, viewers will be taken on an adventure as Sunny, Violet, and Klaus discover the hidden truths to their family past and how their parents passed away. What remains to be seen is whether they will be able to fend off their dangerous, yet distant relative Count Olaf and successfully uncover what they are looking for and possess their family fortune. Viewers should expect quite the adventurous ride as the series unfolds. Due to the wonderful cast that has been selected to play the novel’s characters, viewers should expect to see one of their favorite childhood books truly come to life on television.

Where will I be able to watch #SUE?

#SeriesUnfortunateEvents will be available for instant streaming on Netflix this Fall. The best way to have unlimited access to Netflix’s content is to sign up for Netflix for $9.99 per month. By doing so, you will have unlimited access to any and all content that Netflix currently has available for your home country. Thus, be sure to invest in this if #SUE and other Netflix offerings are of interest to you. You will be able to watch these various series on demand and without any commercials.

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Will there be a second season of A Series of Unfortunate Events?

Given that this television show has been adapted from popular children’s books and that it was also made into a movie, the series already has a substantial following. This is precisely why it would not be surprising to see a second season. Additionally, the cast that contains Hollywood elite such as Neil Patrick Harris is drawing to viewers. That being said, there is a risk here for Netflix because several potential viewers who greatly enjoyed the books did not enjoy the movies because they strayed away from the books. While this is something that normally happens, Netflix has responded to these doubts and has pledged to keep the series closer to the books than the movies were. If Netflix is successful, it is possible that there could be a second season due to the popularity and notoriety that the series already does have among viewers.

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Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events just released its second trailer! The new Netflix show is going all out in the marketing to ensure that this is a big hit when it airs on January 13.

UPDATED November 17, 2016

Have you seen the official trailer for Netflix’s Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events? Well if not, then what are you waiting for! The series is really shaping up into something special, so here’s to hoping it lives up to expectations!

UPDATED November 4, 2016

Everything is starting to come together perfectly for A Series of Unfortunate Events, as the new trailer (First Look section) showed exactly what fans wanted to see. Netflix is premiering the show on January 13th and is expecting big returns- this can possibly be a bigger deal than Stranger Things!

UPDATED October 4, 2016

A Series of Unfortunate Events will be premiering on January 13th on Netflix, and without Jim Carrey. No word yet on why they decided to reboot the failed movie, but it was an amazing concept that may fare better on television.

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