‘A Midsummers Nightmare’ Makes Its Way To Lifetime


Lifetime has been searching for their Elena Holland for a while now. A Midsummer’s Nightmare was dependent on having the perfect person to play the role, and it seems they have found their actress. Daisy head will play Elena, and will now lead one of the biggest developed series on Lifetime.

The network jumped in at the right moment since Head was starring in Guilt on Freeform and wasn’t available. With the clock ticking they had to make a move on casting Elena, even if it wasn’t the actress they wanted. But Freeform gave Lifetime a gift when they cancelled her show, leading to one of the quickest turnarounds in employment on television. It is even possible that Head was hired before the cancellation was official!

The male leads are also set, with Casey Deidrick playing a big role. Based on the well-known Shakespeare drama, Lifetime is adding their own specific twist to it all.  Elena narrates her own tale, showing the viewer how her summer vacation turns into a nightmare that she’ll never forget. Four young lovers go off on a trip together to have fun and it turns into something horrible. Elena is paired with Liam, and Hannah is paired with Daniel. They all go to a desolate place in the woods to push their relationship to the next level only to be confronted by a mystical force that uses special powers to turn them against one another.

Who or what is the sinister force, and why is it bothering them? Romance will meet blood and hope will have to overcome fear before they can answer those questions. This sounds a little too much like I Know What You Did Last Summer and a lot less like Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream!

How bankable is the series and its stars? Did Lifetime make a smart move in hiring Daisy Head?

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