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Channel Seven is yet to decide on the future of the 800 Words for Season 3

Release Date of #800Words S3: To be announced

In season one of 800 Words, an Australian television program created by James Griffin and Maxine Fleming, we saw the main character George Turner (Erik Thomson) make a series of dramatic changes in the midst of a season of life change he could not control. George, a writer, columnist and recent widower living in Sydney, Australia, decided to leave his job where he wrote a popular 800 word column on the regular. Hence the series’ name, @800Words. In addition to leaving his successful career behind, he also decided to uproot his life and buy a home in a quiet seaside setting in hopes of gaining a new lease on life.

But the clean break he dreamed of didn’t break as clean as he had hoped. Surprising his two teens, Arlo and Shay, that they were going to be moving to a boring and relatively remote town in New Zealand, not surprisingly, didn’t go great. And like all life change, the challenges of settling into a new mode of living brought unsuspected surprises, turmoil and laughs in the first season of this Australian drama-comedy show.

Season 2 of @800Words debuted on the Seven Network in August of this year (2016) and had just shy of one million viewers tuning in to keep up with the Turner family. If you’re a fan of the show, but haven’t got around to watching the current season, you will be glad to know that the original cast from the first season is still intact. So far, there has been plenty of drama and intrigue to keep audiences satisfied.

The season opener began with a bang as Arlo and George worked together to bring Shay back to New Zealand from Sydney. On top of that, there was added intrigue as George began his new job at the local newspaper, but was instructed not to write about a certain “mystery” that has been unsolved in Weld for years. This has George puzzled, and looks to be a continued plot throughout this current season.

In addition, small town life got real as George went on a first date that had the whole town talking. What was already a big step for a widower, was brought under the microscope of the locals as well.

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#800Words enjoys a respectable rating on IMBD of 7.5 out 10 stars. It has also received good reviews from the likes of The New York Times who called it “amiable and touching,” and said it was easy to get sucked in by its “scenic and anthropologic” charms.

So far, the show has enjoyed a solid viewership. Which means, for fans of the show, that there is a good chance we could see a season 3. If the past is any indication of the future of the show, it looks like season 3 would be slated for an August 2017 release date. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the show, and you’re a fan of family drama-comedies, then you should give it a chance. With the host of interesting characters it boasts, it is likely to appeal to both the older and the younger crowd.

What do you think of George’s column writing? Do you think he has what it takes to crack the mystery of Weld? Will he ever

get Shay to settle down? What would you like to see in future episodes and seasons to make this show even better?

If you’re loving season 2, let us know in the comments. To keep up to date with #800Words and know as soon as it is renewed or cancelled, subscribe and we’ll send you an automatic email. It will let you know exactly when and if a new season of 800 Words is coming out!

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9 months 4 days ago

best thing on tele

5 months 28 days ago

characters are well drawn, actors are up to their portrayal, script is good and clean! It is something I look forward to watching.

5 months 7 days ago

Why did you take off a great show?