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A Second season of Comedy series 800 Words aired on August 23, 2016

S2 Started August 23, 2016

800 Words is a drama TV series from Australia shown in the US and it comes from creators Maxine Fleming and James Griffin and stars Benson Jack Anthony, Erik Thomson and Melina Vidler, among others.

What’s It All About?

@800Words focuses on a father who recently became a widower, who gives up his job as an 800 word columnist and goes to work for one of the top newspapers in Sydney, Australia. He purchases a home on impulse online and moves to a remote New Zealand community. Before he moves he has to break the news to his two teenage children that they are moving and upon arrival he finds that his new exciting start isn’t going to plan.

What’s Been Happening?

#800Words arrived on our TV screens with episode 1 on September 15 2015 when viewers saw George Turner making plans to take his family to a small town in New Zealand for a fresh start but things don’t go as planned.

Throughout the season we have seen things going from bad to worse for the family, including the town not liking them, having to deal with faulty plumbing and rumors going around about George.

The season came to an end on November 3 2015 with George trying to get Shay to stay in the town and Katie proposing against a new development.

So are we going to see the arrival of season 2 of @800Words and if so when can we expect it to arrive on our TV screens?

What’s In Store?

If you have enjoyed watching #800Words you will be happy to hear that on October 19 2015 a second season was confirmed. However at the moment we don’t have any date for when the season will start, but as season 1 aired in September it may be that season 2 will follow suit.

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What Are The Top 3 Outstanding Episodes?

There have been some great episodes of 800 Words but there are some that have stood out as being among the most outstanding.

Season 1 episode 3 was one of the most outstanding when George found out that rumors were going around about him and he set out to find the source and things changed for him and the women of the town.

Season 1 episode 4 was an outstanding episode as George got dragged into the history of the town and found it had an X rating.

Season 1 episode 6 was another outstanding episode when George tried to solve the mystery of the missing head of Sir Fredrick Weld.

Trivia and Facts

Did you know that

some scenes for 800 Words were filmed in Warkworth, New Zealand?

Did you know that Michelle Langstone, who plays Fiona, was in McLeod’s Daughters and she played Fiona in that too?

Have you enjoyed watching 800 Words? Are you looking forward to a new series coming our way? Tell us what you think about the series in the comments and don’t forget that you can take out a subscription to be reminded about upcoming seasons and episodes.

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