‘7 Little Johnstons’ Caught In Legal Turmoil


Oh all the things people crave this year on the small screen, reality television is still #1. And a few years back niche reality programs really took over, mainly little people programs. Little Women LA, Atlanta and NY are big hits for Lifetime. And Little Women LA spawned an entertaining spinoff called Terra’s Little Family. So when TLC got its chance. Speaking of Terra Jole, she is currently on Dancing with the Stars!

So when TLC got its taste of the ratings pie in 2015 with the hit 7 Little Johnstons, things were looking up. They wrapped up filming for season 2 and were ready to release, but the impossible happened. LMNO Productions became the target of a massive raid by the FBI due to business practices, and of course issues with ‘the books’. LMNO is a massive supplier of shows for Discovery, the corporation that owns TLC.

This is not good news at all, as LMNO has been doing business with the network since 1999. Their partnership has produced over two dozen series, with the big one being 7 Little Johnstons. Specific shows that Discovery were worried about losing also included Hollywood & Crime, Killer Confessions, Unusual Suspects and The Coroner: I Speak for the Dead.

Drama went into high gear as Discovery requested the finished shows be released to them while LMNO refused, citing breach of contract. (They are also suing Discover for 7 million dollars)

Discovery Communications went full crazy and claimed LMNO was holding 7 Little Johnstons and other shows hostage, and filed for a writ of possession. It should be pointed out, however, that Discovery cancelled its contract with LMNO in June- right before everything hit the fan with the company.

Which side is right in this situation? Should LMNO release the shows to Discovery and stop their multi-million dollar lawsuit? And bonus question- what do you think of not getting a season 2 of The Little Johnstons just because two big companies are fighting it out in court!?

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