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’50 States’ Is A Pretty Big Step


The History Channel is back at it again and is developing the documentary 50 States. It’s from Asylum Entertainment, the same company known for Beyond the Glory and The Kennedy’s. With the company being purchased by Legendary Pictures, there was a good chance potential projects would be put on hold. But since 2014, the studio has become even better at finding ace products for networks.

With their new series 50 States, the documentary will let several directors dive into the history of their home states. The unique angle comes in with each state having its own homegrown director attached to it, leading to a much more genuine focus in each episode. This also opens the doors for several different directing styles with each episode, opening the series up to be a heavily nominated show during awards season.

When it comes to nominated documentaries, The History Channel isn’t exactly a lightweight. This is a great series for the network and one that seems like it was a perfect partnership. Nome of the directors have been announced yet, so there is no way to tell whether there will be a big time director or two in the series. There is also the chance it can be all amateur directors for the 50 states, which would be a good way to showcase some up and coming talent in the industry.

Executive producers have been announced, and it looks like Steve Michaels and Jonathan Koch for Asylum while Sean Boyle will handle the duties for The History Channel. It seems like a good mix for both sides with the only important thing to get done is the casting of the directors. Even without a big name, this is one of the better documentaries to be showcased on the channel.

How do you like the premise of the show? Will this receive a lot of awards once completed?

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