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’12 Monkeys’ Makes A Major Move


Christopher Lloyd is gracing television screens once again, only this time he will have a pivotal role on another time traveling series. You have to hand it to the casting people at 12 Monkeys, because they really pulled a miracle with this one. Lloyd will play the Pallid Man’s father, better known as Zalmon Shaw. As the most powerful cult leader in the world, his reach is limitless, and his charm is deadly. There may be some similarities in how he plays it to the way the High Sparrow character was on Game of Thrones. The difference is that Shaw’s power is absolute, and he has much more sinister methods.

With his innate ability to get people to join his cult, the prey is always those afflicted with personal tragedy. His loyal followers will do anything for him, which is exactly what makes his rule so dangerous. Season 3 will introduce brand new challenges for the series, including co-creator Terry Matalas’ directorial debut. The Witness has been the main ‘villain’ for much of the series, and now Cole and Railly are closer than ever to finding the truth within the truth.

Some have commented that the show has gone away from its roots, so it is good to see the casting of Lloyd. Just like The Strain started out strong and fizzled out later on, 12 Monkeys is facing a similar threat to the series. The writers have done a great job with the character arcs, but like all time traveling shows, there is a limit to the back and forth. If 12 Monkeys inches towards a final season soon, it could possibly go down as the best time traveling show in the history of the Syfy network.

What is your favorite Syfy time traveling show? Will the Lloyd hiring make you watch the show?

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