’12 Monkeys’ Is Perfect For Syfy


The 1995 movie starring Bruce Willis was a huge hit at the box office, leading no one to be surprised that it would be turned into a television show. The show is a bit late on the take, but has become one of the most watched series on the Syfy network. This has led to a renewal, but for a shorter 10 episode order. No one knows why they didn’t renew it for a fuller season, as season 3 will be no closer to an ending as season 2 was.

Cole is still a long way away from changing the future for the better, and while his allies grow in number, his enemies continue to find new ways to stop him. A reason for the shorter renewal could be due to the show turning in lower ratings than expected. 12 Monkeys is relevant in social media and has a big cult following, so the 3rd season may function as a try out to see if there will be more afterwards. There aren’t a lot of shows on Syfy that come close to 12 Monkeys, so canceling it wouldn’t make much sense.

Showrunner Terry Matalas also serves as the executive producer, and co-created the show with Travis Fickett. They both have championed the show in their own personal outlets, making sure fans do the same. Word of mouth will more than likely keep the show on the air until it is ready for its true finale, so there are no worries there. The last thing the network needs is to cancel an established show and alienate an entire fan base. It would be ‘Firefly’ on FOX all over again!

How long do you think 12 Monkeys will last before it reaches a conclusion? Are you happy with the shortened 10 episode 3rd season or would you like it longer?

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